Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Tales of Alfie

Wen Alfie went te war the sed
Wid manage in the end
Te kip uz an ur childer fed
Wi wat wi ad te spend
An wi wur naicely off the sed
Wi jus ome faires te tend
But fires settled tuw a dullish red

My Alfie marched away te war
An nivver wonce luked back
Ah dunt know wot the tuke im for
Ees useless that's a fac
But Monty came an Monty sawer
An Monty felt the lack
Of opeless buggers id beind the duwer

So Afie wen tuw Egypt's land
Protectin yew an me
Ee sailed the sea an saw the sand
An let the Germans be
Ee played the trumpet in the band
An sat beneath a tree
An sent a letter sayin laife wuz grand

Then Alfie wen tuw Italy
An moaned abowt the sun
Ee add iz tea at alf past three
An nivver saw a gun
Ee wrote complainin bitterly
That laife wuz not much fun
An came ome lukin sort a soldierly

Since then eez worn iz onour
On iz ribbons in a row
Ee maight a bin a gonner
But - a man - ee ad te gow
Eez quaite the Prima Donna
Wen iz ead it settles low
Az drink teks ovver each tale iz a winner

My Alfie's nivver been a won
Te gi the truth a chance
Ee tells the bar iz latest con
Ee sez ee fought in France
An wen iz beer iz nearly gone
Eez in thur wi a chance
Wi all the tales of all the wars eez wun

Ah wudnt gi im up fur nowt
Ai ad five years a peace
An all mi kids live roun about
An wun of umz iz neice
Ee knowz she iz wiout a doubt
But watched iz traibe increase
My Alfie didn't wonce complain nur shout (rpt verse)

2004 © Charlotte Peters Rock

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